News & Events

Under Eco Club various activities are performed in our school, they are :


(a) World Heritage Day.
(b) Earth Day
(c) Water conservation
(d) Biodiversity
(e) Environment day
(f) Population Day
(g) Tree Plantation
(h) Ozone Day
(i) International Peace Fest
(j) Rajiv Gandhi Akshay Urja Diwas
(k) World AIDS Day
(l) Disability Day
(m) Consumer Day
(n) World Food Day
(o) World day of Girl Child
(p) Wild Life Week
(q) Inter School Group song Competition

Sports News:-

Five Students (B &G) Selected in National games ( Kabaddi , Khokho & Cricket ) Under 14, 17 & 19 etc. 

Other News:-

Science quiz competition for classes 1 to 8th.

Various competition in pry classes. Dodging Table, Handwriting U.Pry.Classes.
STC centre is going on & Vocational training was also given to them.

Rally, Nukkad natak & Multi Media awareness was given to them.

Head performs the duty of Coordinator and organize for the Inter School Yoga Tournament.

Introduction to the school library


The school library is central to learning and plays a key role as a place for encouraging innovation, curiosity, and problem solving. Our library is a catalyst for literacy and reading and for teaching and scaffolding inquiry learning. School libraries make a difference to students’ understanding and achievement and provide support for teaching and learning throughout the school. The school library is an important part of the school community and reflects and welcomes this community.

Our school library plays a key role in the cultural and social life of the school. It can be a central point for engagement with all kinds of reading, cultural activities, access to information, knowledge building, deep thinking and lively discussion.

School Library role

The vision, principles and management of our school library can be recorded in our school library management statement. This document reflects our school’s vision for learning and underpins our library’s services, and organisation.

Learning and teaching. The school library provides a model for inquiry learning and building knowledge and confidence in seeking and processing information. The school library is pivotal to developing 21st century learners.

There is a large and growing body of evidence showing the impact of the school library on student achievement.

It is a fundamental resource for supporting students’ learning, and a key support for teaching staff. Our school library reflects and encourages collaborative learning and sharing of ideas.

Literacy and reading. School libraries are places for learning and thinking, and play a key role in supporting and developing enjoyment of reading and multiple literacies.


Some pictures of Our School Library.

lib1 lib3 lib7 lib8 lib9

School Science Lab



School Science Lab has apparatus for Physics, Chemistry and Biology for the class 6th to 10th. Science Practicals are done by the all the class once a week. Charts and Models are shown to students related to their lessons.

Inderjit Kaur

Science Mistress

School Enrollment

School Enrollment Details 2017-18


X A 20 18 38
IX A 34 12 46
VIII 27 12 39
VII 29 16 45
VI 28 11 39
V 14 17 31
IV 14 09 23
III 20 12 32
II 14 09 23
I 10 11 21
Nursery 08 06 14
Total 218 133 351

School Enrollment Details 2015-16


XA 22 06 28
XB 20 07 27
IXA 24 19 43
IXB 27 15 42
VIII 20 20 40
VII 28 12 40
VI 28 16 44
V 18 16 34
IV 22 07 29
III 08 15 23
II 14 07 21
I 14 08 22
Nursery 07 06 13
Pre- Nursery 02 06 08
Total 254 160 414



enrollment 2015


School Timing


Summer             8.00- 2.00 Pm
Winter                 8.40 -2.40 Pm
Vacation period


1st June to 30th June (Summer)
25th Dec  to 5th Jan (Winter)
Admission Period   


April to July 2015


enrollment 2014



enrollment 2013