Opm Renewal Agreement Travel

(a) your agency has authorized you to take a hunting trip at home prior to travel (agency authorization must indicate the type of transport and the duration of the trip); Yes, you must make a statement on your travel request explaining the circumstances that caused the delay. If the employee uses more POV than authorization, the refund is made as if all the people had traveled in the number of POVs that you authorized. Yes, you are entitled to maintenance and transportation allowances for PCS travel if your agency has approved and is specifically authorized for moving costs below this part: Your authorized travel days and pro days are set as follows: The number of travel days allowed is the actual number of days used for the completion of the trip , but not to exceed an amount based on a minimum trip per day deemed appropriate by your agency. The minimum journey can be at least 300 miles per calendar day. An exception to the minimum daily distance may be made if the delay is beyond the worker`s control, for example. B if it is the result of acts of God or restrictions imposed by government officials; If the worker is physically disabled or for other reasons acceptable to the Agency. (a) Your agency will allow you to travel with all modes of transportation (p. B. of an ordinary carrier or POV) which it considers advantageous to the government. Your agency pays for your transportation costs by the (s) authorized mode (s).

If you are travelling with one or more modes of transportation other than the one authorized by your agency, your agency will cover your transportation costs up to the cost of transportation constructively by the authorized mode or modes. If you are travelling within 250 miles, your agency will allow POV travel unless there are reasons not to use an acceptable POV for the Agency (. B for example, if a traveller is physically disabled, does not own or rent a POV, has only one POV used for family transport, or the POV is not fit to travel for such a trip). The refund of the benefit of pov miles is made in accordance with the provisions of Chapter .302-4.300. The maximum amount your spouse or national partner can receive if he or she accompanies you while you are on PCS trips is three-quarters of your daily allowance per day. If your spouse or national partner does not accompany you, but travels without an escort at another time, he or she receives the same rate per day to which you are entitled.

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