School Examination

1. The academic year is divided into two Terms – April to September and October to March. There is on examination at the end of each term.

2. As per Direction of CBSE, CCE will followed for all classes. Which refers to a system of school board evaluation of a student that covers all aspects of a student’s development. It Includes :-


Scholastic Area.

It is divided into two categories. Category A- includes main subjects which are evaluated using, formative and Summative assessment on a nine point scale.

FA- includes unit test, regular assignments, projects, quiz, class tests etc,.
SA- Consists of exams at the end of each term in the month of September and March.

Co-Scholastic Areas.

(a) Life Skills
(b) Work Education.
(c) Visual and Performing Arts.
(d) Attitude and Values

Co-Scholastic Activities.

(a) Suggestive Activities
(b) Health Physical Activities.


3. No request will entertained to postpone any test.
4. Mandatory to appear in both Summative Assessment.
5. In case of illness, the student not be sent to school for any test or exam.

The final result will be settled the basis of CCE.
6. Every student is required to got a qualifying grade ‘D’ or above in all the subjects for promotion to next class.
7. A student getting E1 or E2 in one or more subjects will have to improve his/her performance to obtain qualifying grade.

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