Slopes Agreement

Some in Switzerland want to take advantage of it, while other nations keep their tracks closed. “If we want to keep the borders open, we need a clear agreement on skiing. Otherwise, it`s going to be difficult. You agree that, in certain circumstances and without notice, we may immediately terminate your account and/or access to the application. Such termination is due to: but is not limited (a) to violations or breaches of conditions or other registered conventions or directives, (b) requests from law enforcement authorities or other government authorities, (c) a request from your (self-initiative to delete account), (d) the substantial shutdown or modification of the application (or part of it), (e) unexpected technical or security problems or problems, (f) longer periods of inactivity and/or non-payment of the fees you have related to the application. , files and content related to or inside your account and (z) the exclusion of any subsequent use of the application. In addition, you agree that all terminations are justified at our sole discretion and that we will not be held responsible to you or others for the termination of your account or access to the application. If you have any questions about these conditions, please email us at “The ski season is approaching,” she told MPs in the Bundestag. “We will try to reach an agreement in Europe on the closure of all ski resorts.” “I would prefer that we agree at European level: no open lifts, (skiing) holidays anywhere,” he said. Berlin wants to keep Europeans away from the slopes until 10 January. Many Italians embark on the slopes through the Christmas and New Year break and the weather is an important part of the local economy for ski resorts throughout Europe. The nuclear option would be to close the borders for skiers in order to prevent nationals of France, Italy and Germany from travelling to countries that keep their slopes open. Germany is seeking an agreement with EU countries to keep ski resorts closed until early January to limit the spread of coronavirus.

We understand that Swiss officials are involved in the discussions and one official is quoted as saying: “It is difficult to open a single country to its ski slopes when others close their ski slopes. There has to be coordination. During the winter break, many German and foreign holidaymakers flock to the southern Alpine state of Bavaria to enjoy the unspoiled ski slopes. Germany wants to close ski slopes across Europe in the fight against coronavirus, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday. If some countries open their slopes and others do not, then there will be strange situations for resorts that share cross-border ski resorts.

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