Was Ist Ein Nominee Agreement

For legal reasons, a nominee agreement is an agreement in which the owner registers the property on behalf of a candidate, so that the applicant legally retains the property and all related rights, such as mortgages, interest, relief, licenses, rents, statutes and fees. Unlike the owner, the nominaire has no favorable interest in the property. Most major markets offer compensation to investors covering the assets of a stockbroker. Investors are compensated up to a specified amount if there are no assets in their accounts and if the broker cannot offer the cash difference. Investors with higher values are encouraged to have accounts with multiple brokers, as it is unlikely that all brokers will fail at the same time, and the investor has the right to recover more than if the Nominee account was in a broker. The applicant cannot make decisions about the property without the express and written permission of the owner. In many standard agreements, the candidate may only execute or execute certain instruments in accordance with the authority described in the agreement. These include the execution and/or provision of the following types of documents: leasing, deeds, assignments, assignments, contracts and other documents relating to the property. A nominee is a person or company in whose name securities or other real estate are transferred to facilitate transactions, while the client remains the owner. A Nominee account is a type of account in which a broker holds shares owned by clients, making it easier to buy and sell those shares. Such an agreement aims to maintain actions in the name of the street. According to our share register, the shareholders listed in the table below (in their own name or as candidates to other investors or actual beneficiaries) were registered at a rate of 3% or more of the total capital.

If you do not have your name in the shareholder register because you hold your shares through a nominee, your candidate will receive all company documents sent to shareholders. In accordance with this provision of the statutes, which can be amended by an absolute majority of the voting shares expressed, the Board of Directors has adopted rules relating to the registration of agents and nominees in the Swisscom share register. A typical appointment agreement may also include a compensation clause. This is a clause designed to ensure that the candidate is held unscathed on behalf of the other party in the event of litigation or legal action.

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